Name It, Frame It, Claim It!

What’s the program?

Name It, Frame It, Claim It is a hopeful, authentic, and holistic crash course in resilience

How can the program support you?

This program is for anyone who:

  •  Wants to reconnect with their personal power
  • Feels frustrated about a job search in uncertain times
  • Wants help coping with sudden changes prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Hopes to rethink and redesign their plan for success
  • Needs reassurance that things will be alright

How can I register?

Program Outline

Step 1: Name It!

This workshop enables attendees to get clear on how they’re feeling about their new reality and identify skills to navigate through the changes

  • Dealing with uncertainty/fear of the future
  • Defining self-care and wellness routines
  • Acknowledging identity changes

Step 2: Frame It

This webinar will help attendees rewire their mindset. Here they will learn to look at their situation through the lenses of possibility and positivity.

  • Expanding limiting mindsets
  • Igniting your network
  • When to “swipe left” on an opportunity

Step 3: Claim It

The Claim It workshop combines all the insight from steps one and two and empowers attendees to build their own unique system for success.

  • Deepening empathy
  • Developing personalized systems for success
  • Working with “failure”
Breakout Sessions
  • Deeper dive into topics taught during the week. Great time for in-depth questions.
  • One-on-one time with Coach Maurielle to discuss personal challenges and solutions.


  • Name It, 1st Tuesday & Thursday of each month
  • Frame It, 2nd Tuesday & Thursday of each month
  • Claim It, 3rd Tuesday & Thursday of each month

Breakouts & Coaching are only available to attendees of Name It, Frame It or Claim It workshops. These times will be individually scheduled with Maurielle.