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Project Opportunity

Project Opportunity is a free entrepreneurship training program designed solely for veterans (Active Duty, Guard/Reserve Personnel, and Veterans) who want to start their own business or expand their current small business. Program graduates are in various stages of their business ventures, ranging from finalizing their business plan to actual launch and earning income.

Project Opportunity is a series of workshops planned to provide veterans with assistance in starting their own businesses. The first phase of Project Opportunity is to conduct outreach and educational sessions. These two and a half (2 1/2) hour workshops “Exploring Entrepreneurship” will include a discussion of why the individuals want to start their own small businesses, characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, an overview of the 11-week training program, and an entrepreneurship self-assessment.

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Program Testimonials

Author and encore to the entire Project Opportunity leadership team led by Founder, Joe Giordano and Tiffany Davis our instructor, and the entire staff. My name is Paul Vann, Founder of Wealth Building Academy, LLC based in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

After being informed of Project Opportunity I wanted to be a part of something special because I was in the first class of veteran students in Prince George’s County and I wasn’t disappointed. What I enjoyed most about my experience in Project Opportunity was the comprehensive curriculum that provided an A-Z perspective and insight on entrepreneurship to current business owners like myself and prospective small business owners who participated in this amazing program.

Not only did Joe Giordano offer this second to none entrepreneurship program, he also ensured that attendees received in-depth instruction from experts in the following industries: banking, marketing, legal, commercial insurance, accounting, website development, the SBA, and much, much more.

I also developed an elevator pitch for my business. In the end, Project Opportunity is a priceless program because I developed a business plan and financial plan for Wealth Building Academy, LLC that was reviewed and evaluated by local business experts, and for this, I’m grateful, thankful and my business is moving in the right direction because of this program. Thanks, Joe and thanks Project Opportunity, you rock!

Paul Vann

Founder, Wealth Building Academy, LLC Paul is a graduate of the Prince George's Spring 2019 Class

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