SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The American Job Center Largo is open by appointment only. Please note, unemployment insurance (UI) is NOT available onsite. Individuals should direct questions about UI claims to 667-207-6520. To file a weekly claim certification over the phone, reset a PIN, or payment status, claimants, should call 410-949-00022.

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Standing Committees

Standing Committees

Interested in joining a committee? Please email Shuana Davis at SDavis@co.pg.md.us to join!

Executive Committee

Chair: Brad Frome
RISE Investment Partners

Purpose: The Executive Committee of the WDB shall be comprised of the WDB Chair, the WDB Vice-Chair, the immediate past Chair of the WDB, the WDB member representing the County Executive, and the Chairs of all the WDB’s Standing Committees. Between WDB meetings, The Executive Committee may act for the WDB, except in matters concerning the appointment of officers or the adoption, repeal, or amendment of the Bylaws. The Executive Committee shall review all program plans, reports, and other documents which the WDB, by law is required to review and act upon, and shall make recommendations concerning such items, and any actions taken on behalf of the WDB by the Executive Committee, to the WDB.

Chairs for all standing committees shall be appointed by the WDB Chair; however, the WDB Chair may only serve as Chair of the Executive committee. All standing committee chairs shall be members of the WDB. Committees may include other members of the WDB and shall include non-board members with appropriate experience and expertise. In addition, the WDB Chair may appoint such other committees as may be necessary to carry out the purpose and functions of the WDB. Non-WDB members may serve on such committees as deemed appropriate, with the exception of the Executive Committee. The WDB may establish additional committees by majority vote, at any regular meeting that has quorum.

American Job Center / One-Stop Delivery System Committee

Interim Chair: Dawnn Leary
Greater Washington Community Foundation

Purpose: The American Job Center / One Stop Committee is the driving force behind the development and enhancement of the Prince George’s County One Stop Career Center System.

Committee members, representing diverse groups within the local area, guide the Prince George’s County Workforce Development Board and Board Staff through the development of services and strategies to best meet the needs of job seekers and businesses utilizing the Prince George’s County American Job Centers.

Disability and Severe Barriers Committee

Chair: Natalie Mitchell
Maryland State Department of Education, Department of Rehabilitative Services

Purpose: The Disability & Severe Barriers (DSB) Committee provides professional guidance and evidence based strategies to the Prince George’s County Workforce Development Board.

The guidance and strategies provided by the DSB Committee provides the Board with the knowledge and tools to ensure that Prince George’s County Public Workforce System is accessible to job seekers with disabilities and severe barriers, while affording them the opportunity to receive integrated services leading to positive employment outcomes.

Finance Committee

Chair: Gloria Brown Burnett
Prince George’s County Department of Social Services

Purpose: The Finance Committee evaluates and advises on the approval or modification of the Fiscal Agent’s annual spending plan and ensures spending throughout the year is on schedule and adheres to the approved plan. In addition, the Finance Committee ensures that the Fiscal Agent has policies that fit and helps the Executive Director to anticipate and project issues and solutions.

Youth Committee

Chair: Vacant

Purpose: The Prince George’s County Youth Committee will provide recommendations to the Workforce Development Board on issues and policies regarding youth. The Youth Committee will serve as an advisory and coordinating entity for youth services in Prince George’s County.

Business Committee

Chair: Jeffrey Henderson
Smoot Construction

Purpose: The Business Services Committee develops and maintains important strategic industry partnerships and alliances, aligns the Prince George’s County workforce system to provide human resources solutions to businesses, recommends policy and changes advocates for the interest of local businesses.

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